Membership of RWA 2019-20

We are currently accepting applications for membership and are a BASC affiliated club and as such if you are already a member can claim back your BASC joining fee from BASC reducing membership cost.

Annual fees are £220 which includes BASC membership, with an initial one off joining fee of £40 and additional £10 if you do not have personal email available and require postage.  Junior membership is £35 which again includes their BASC

Special rates apply to Rockland Parishioners enabling them to shoot the Broad for only the cost of their BASC membership so that they are fully insured.

An application form is available for online or offline completion .    Application Forms

Applicants will normally be invited to attend a club meeting to meet with the committee and then be introduced to the club members who will then raise any objections to membership.  Once accepted you will take a quarry recognition test before being allowed to shoot alone (This is easily achieved by most people either based on experience or looking up the quarry).  In the case of an insufficient standard being achieved assistance will be given and retesting done .  Upon payment of the fees you will become a member.

We also offer a standing order payment scheme where you can make monthly payments starting in June at that years membership rate so that by the following June your membership for the forthcoming season will have been paid.  In the case of an increase in fees you therefore get the previous years rate.  Currently this is £18.33/month

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