Shooting Locations

The club has five rowing boats on Rockland Broad and shoots it on Fridays and Saturdays during the season.  Each day has a morning flight from one hour before sunrise till three hours after and an evening flight from three hours before sunset till an hour after.  Two of the boats are available to BASC members on a permit scheme.  Contact us

The club not only shoots Rockland Broad but owns marshes, river wall and sporting rights as well as renting additional land in the general locations indicated.

We also have shooting on arable land for all quarry including game which provides vermin shooting outside the wildfowling season.

We are actively looking for more venues to rent or purchase for both wildfowling and rough shooting, and are also able to offer farmers vermin control with the club managing and policing the shooting. Please Contact us if you are interested

For Sunrise/sunsets and tides

Accommodation/food in the area

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